Plastering In Living Room Complete

All the plastering is now done in the living room, it’s been a three-day job but the end result is amazing, it’s given the living room a whole new feel, you wouldn’t think this house was over 90 years old. The plaster Jim has been amazing work here, and I cannot pick any fault with the quality of the plastering. During the work, we did have concerns about taking the radiators off as we had such a problem getting them back working when we turned off the water for our previous job. Therefore we thought it was best not skim behind the main radiator, we were able to drop the other one for Jim to get behind it. This isn’t really a problem as it already had the damp proofing behind there anyway. We’ll be leaving the walls at least a couple of weekends until they’re completely dry before we start decorating Next weekend we’ll be removing the carpet and I’ve some skirting board I need to fit near the chimney breast anyway. Friday we’ll be having the games room plastered, it feels like it’s finally all coming together! Just need to get the internet sorted! Come on Virgin!



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