Removing Old Plaster From Walls

With huge help from Amy’s side of the family, yesterday was really productive, ahead of the rest of the plastering which is starting on the 27th we’ve now taken off all the old plaster from the walls in the living room. Normally, this something that’s done by the plasterer however we’re saving a bit of money by doing it ourselves! (Every bit counts!) We left the small portion around the ground level which is the damp proofing this was put on some years back. The whole thing took from around 1:30 till probably 8ish, was very noisy, dusty and messy. Fourteen bags of plaster later, we were left with the exposed brickwork. Something a bit disconcerting actually seeing the room like this. However I can see why some people actually like the look, it does add a lot of character to the room. Not looking forward to actually tidying up all the dust, plaster from the floor. Fortunatly we are getting a new carpet fitted soon, so I think we’ll leave all the cleaning till the next weekend to do! Big thanks to Amy’s family for all their help today, really looking forward to seeing the end result and actually being able to ‘live’ in our living room.

Old plaster removed from walls
Old plaster removed from walls


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