Moving the radiator

Today we had Keith (local plumber) come to our house to relocate the small radiator in the living room, he was actually meant to come last Saturday but he had to reschedule. Which is fine for us since we’re not actually using the living room for a while anyway, we just needed it doing before the extensive plastering begins, which is in a couple of weeks. We’re literally just having the radiator moved from once side of the room to the other.. so we didn’t think it would be too expensive. When visiting a couple weeks ago he quoted us £120 for the job,  which was actually considerably cheaper than the other two quotes we got. One was £190 +vat and the other was around £240… I wasn’t willing to pay over £200 for the job, and if it was to cost more, I would have just lived with it being where it was. Anyway, after a few fumbles of trying to find where the stop tap was.. he got straight to work, took about 30 to 45 minutes to move it, but unfortunately getting the water back into the system took the best part of an hour… having such an old system meant that there could be a lot of blockages or air pockets. Fortunately Keith was really helpful and continued to bleed the radiators and flush the system until it was all fully back up. After which he claimed that the work of actually moving the radiator was much easier than first predicted as the pipes for where we wanted it moved to actually expand from that location. So rather than the full £120 he called it just £100, nice meet someone honest, and we would totally hire him again if we have any more plumbing needs. Much happier with where it is now and makes the prospect of furnishing easier when we’re ready.



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