Loft Antics

After the plumber left to move the radiator today, I found myself in the loft for the first time, since we are still getting our living room plastered we’re now having to spend a lot of our time in the kitchen and the master bedroom. Unfortunately yesterday I found that the signal for the TV in the bedroom suddenly dropped… and I was left getting just 7 channels after doing a rescan. So at the risk of never getting Challenge on my YouView box again I braved going up in the loft today.. since I had a sneaky suspicion this is where the antenna for the bedroom TV was. Although firstly, we played a bit of  ‘three bears’ as the first pair of ladders we had we’re too short to get me up there, the second pair we went to borrow from Amy’s mums house were too big to even fit in my car.. but the ones at my parents we’re just right. After getting back and getting up there I found that the antenna was hanging up using two shoelaces by the previous owners! I was able to adjust it so that it was pointing towards a more appropriate angle and not touching any of the beams up there. After doing another scan of the channels we were able to get an additional 127 channels (including Challenge) Whilst having a snoop around the loft, I happened to find a pair of crutches… which would be useful had I fallen out of the loft.. but also this coaster from 1975 for Club Fiesta in Sheffield advertising The Drifters playing there, such a unexpected thing to find. Small things like this, I find make me appreciate the age of this house much more.. the crutches, not so much.

Fun times in the loft
Coaster from 1975 featuring the drifters

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