New electrical sockets and Fuse box fitted.

Today we had our electrician come fit two new sockets in what will be our games room upstairs. Since there was at least one existing socket in there, the easiest way for them to do this was by getting access to underneath the floor boards and extending the circle from the existing socket to the two new ones. Unfortunately when the electrician came to turn off the electricity he discovered that the fuse box we had no long conformed to regulation, basically too old! So he wouldn’t be able to provide us with a certificate for the work he was doing. However, he offered to replace the fuse box, to a newly regulated one for an added cost, if we so decided. The work for the sockets to be installed was around £160, he offered to replace the box for an newer one at £180. After discussing it with Amy, we decided it would be for the best to change it now rather than later. As the fuse box we had previous had a cut off time of 3 to 6 seconds, where as this one has something like 0.3 milliseconds. Obviously it was a no brainer, we were a bit skeptical about what the electrician was saying as we thought it would be mentioned in our Home Buyers Report. Although on inspection later in the day we did notice that it was very briefly mentioned that it was old. The installation for the sockets took probably about an hour with two people working together, then about another 45 minutes for the fuse box to be updated. Was really happy with the work they did, despite paying more than we expected we certainly didn’t feel like we was being cheated or conned. Personally think he was pretty up front and honest too, thinking about having a door bell fitted at some point in the future and would probably give the guys a call for the job.

New fuse box installed


New Sockets fitted in Games Room

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