Gas Fire Removed And Boiler Issues

Today we had the gas fire capped off and removed for the living room, it took about 45 minutes in total and cost £65 (paid an extra £5 to have them take it away) Thought it was relatively straight forward, and not too pricey, and after the gas engineer had left we removed the rest of the fireplace and mantle.. whilst doing so, we found that it had been there since 1990, underneath the marble we found a wedding photo and postcard from the previous owners that had fallen down back there.. and a disturbing amount of dead flies. Unfortunately, after a while of trying to put the heating back on, we discovered that our pilot light on the boiler had gone out after the gas was disconnected. Furthermore, Amy’s fiddling with one of the radiators also caused us to have a leak from one in the downstairs toilet.. fortunately after about an hours trail and error, and a real struggle of getting to our very awkwardly placed boiler, we was able to reignite the pilot light on our extremely old boiler… and all was saved. We also managed to tighten the knob on the radiator and the leak was fixed!

Fireplace after the gas fire was removed and capped off

Fireplace once we removed the mantle piece and other.


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