Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

We’ve rented a Rug Doctor from our local supermarket today, and have been using it to clean most of the carpets we have in the house. This thing is a bit of a beast, very heavy and in order to use it you have to pull it backwards, which initially felt like I was doing it wrong. It’s also extremely noisy and vibrates something terrible… but it does a brilliant job, and you can visibly see the dirt coming from your carpet. It cost us about £45 to rent for 48 hours, although we had to buy a large bottle of Rug Doctor shampoo as they had ran out of the medium. After doing most of the rooms, we tested it on the stairs using the hose attachment, here’s a very flattering picture of me getting to work on it. I ended up putting carrier bags on my feet as I was getting a bit fed up of my socks getting wet, and wearing shoes felt like it is counterproductive to the whole process.  Overall it was actually worth renting it, it’s really made the carpets feel and look cleaner, also that piece of mind now we know that the carpets are clean.

Using the Rug Doctor hose attachment

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